Additional Information

Why should I do a FloatFit Class? 

Away from congested studios, FloatFit makes the most of water’s instability.

All exercises can be modified to suit different levels of fitness, experience and age. FloatFit gives the participant a stimulating class and an effective workout. 

What is the AquaBase? 

The AquaBase is a low impact high quality, fitness float. It finds any imbalance immediately. 

It is made of high-resistant, military grade PVC fabric. When inflated to the optimum pressure, it can hold a weight of up to 160kg. This creates a firm surface best suited to the unstable conditions of working out on water. 

The AquaBase provides an ideal corrective tool to strengthen muscle weaknesses and postural imbalances in a safe and supportive way. The ebb and flow of the water and constant movement of the AquaBase helps correct muscular imbalances and contributes to improved posture, reducing the likelihood of further damage to joints and muscles.



  • coordination & balance   
  • cardiovascular fitness   
  • increased flexibility   
  • enhanced posture   
  • mental wellbeing   
  • muscular strength